My life in outer space

Three Worlds of Futurity – Margaret St Clair (1964)



‘Unusual stories of other worlds and strange peoples


On Venus: An ancient and powerful Venusian race finds its ultimate evolution – but can they accept it?
On Mars: The people of the Fourth Planet are eminently reasonable in all things – except for the cult of the sacred Martian Pig, for which “fanatic” would be entirely too reasonable a word.
And on Earth: On the unknown world of one or ten centuries from now, the strangest stories of all become haunting, fascinating reality, as one of science fiction’s most imaginative writers shows us that human beings are, after all, the most alien of creatures…’

Blurbs from the 1964 M-105 Ace Double paperback edition

The Everlasting Food (thrilling Wonder Stories Dec 1950)

A strangely poetic story in which a Venusian Sanedrin (someone who has the power of enhanced perception) loses her power but then gains the power of immortality, able to feed from lightning strikes, but then begins to lose her empathy for others. Somehow the premise doesn’t seem at all odd here. The setting is colourful and detailed. In the vein of Martian / Venusian romanticism.

Idris’ Pig (Startling Stories Jul 1949)

An Earthman has to take over when his friend and relative – who has been commissioned to deliver a blue pig to a Martian cult – falls ill.
Odd little farce.

The Rages (Fantastic Universe Jul 1954)

St Clair presents an interesting background to the story, one in which the populace is kept tranquilised on Euphoria pills to keep them from falling into ‘rages’. The central figure finds himself running short of the ‘Euph’ pills on which he has become dependent until he meets a kind of anti-establishment group of people who make him reassess his worldview.

Roberta (Galaxy Oct 1962)

Probably controversial at the time, this is a tale of transsexual murders along the lines of ‘Dressed to Kill’.

Island of The Hands (Weird Tales Sep 1952)

A dated bit of fantasy in which a man, searching for his lost love, crashes on an island where giant hands in the mist can shape one”s true desire. Humdrum stuff.


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