My life in outer space

Stranger Than You Think – GC Edmondson (1965)


 ‘Things from space, things from time…


If you have a friend to whom strange things happen, you can never lack for excitement. And if your friend happens to be the famous Mad Friend of GC Edmondson’s remarkably authentic accounts of improbable but possible happenings, then you can always count on the unexpected.
This particular friend had a knack for turning up the unearthly, the off-the-record, the things that were “stranger than science.” He could spot a time-traveller across a restaurant – and then produce the sort of proof that would be more potent than tequila. He could find just where the meteor fell – and show you that it is not just a rock from space but far, far more ominous. he could…

But read STRANGER THAN YOU THINK for yourself and then start looking around your supposedly workaday world. Things may look different’

Blurb from the M-109 1965 Ace Double paperback edition.

Some rather odd stories from Mr Edmondson, mostly in the form of minor mysteries. One confesses that a knowledge of Mexican or US Spanish culture would help a great deal, but it is not altogether necessary. The author and his ‘mad friend’ travel the world accompanied for the most part by their wives, who are described only in the third person and who appear to be solely interested in the latest developments in fashion.


The Misfit (F&SF February 1959)

The narrator and his mad friend run into someone who claims to be a time-traveller, but he warns them of the perils of time travel since he has unwittingly altered the course of history.

From Caribou to Carry Nation (F&SF November 1959)

An extended play on words, very similar to the work of RA Lafferty, involving dinosaurs, soul migration, reincarnation and carrots.

The Galactic Calabash (F&SF January 1960)

A friend of the narrator invites him and the mad friend around for dinner and, on impulse, decides to bake a loose calabash that he finds in his garden, which turns out to be something else entirely.

The Sign of The Goose
(F&SF August 1960)

The same characters get embroiled in a tale of flying saucers, Latino cemetery bureaucracy and snake discussions.

The Country Boy (F&SF May 1961)

The Time Traveller from ‘The Misfit’ returns to tell the narrator and his mad friend a wild tale about travelling into the past and rescuing a Neanderthal boy, which might have something to do with America’s current – and somewhat ugly – President.

The World Must Never Know (F&SF April 1963)

Our heroes get embroiled in a search for a missing author who needs to provide the last three chapters of a novel.

The Third Bubble (F&SF June 1964)

The Time Traveller returns again, conducting a tour of bullet-headed tourists. There is turtle-meat, there is a tale of The Great Ones who will take an astronaut through a hole to another dimension… It gets complicated, but I think I see what he was getting at.


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