My life in outer space

Out of Space and Time – Clark Ashton Smith (2009)

Out Of Space And Time

Originally published in paperback edition as Out of Space and Time 1 & 2 in 1974 , these have now been reissued in a single volume by Bison Books who are doing a sterling job of reissuing vintage genre literature.

Out of Space and Time

The End of the Story (Weird Tales – May 1930)
A Rendezvous in Averoigne (Weird Tales – Apr 1931)
A Night in Malneant (Auburn Journal – 1931)
The City of The Singing Flame (Wonder Stories – July 1931)
The Uncharted Isle (Weird Tales – Nov 1930)

Judgments and Dooms

The Second Interment (Strange Tales of Mystery and Terror – Jan 1933)
The Double Shadow (The Auburn Journal – 1932)
The Chain of Aforgomon (Weird Tales – Dec 1935)
The Dark Eidolon (Weird Tales – Jan 1935)
The Last Hieroglyph (Weird Tales – Apr 1935)
Sadastor (Weird Tales – Jul 1930)
The Death of Ilalotha (Weird Tales – 1937)
The Return of the Sorcerer (Strange Tales of Mystery and Terror – Sep 1931)

Hyperborean Grotesques

The Testament of Athammaus (Weird Tales – Oct 1932)
The Weird of Avoosl Wuthoqquan (Weird Tales – Jun 1932)
Ubbo-Sathla (Weird Tales – Jul 1933)


The Monster of the Prophecy (Weird Tales – Jan 1932)
The Vaults of Yoh-Vombis (Weird Tales – May 1932)
From the Crypts of Memory (Bohemia V2 #3 – 1917)
The Shadows (Auburn Journal – 1922)

The End of the Story

A young man visits a Monastery in Averoigne and falls under the spell of ancient book, which leads him to be ensnared by a Lamia

A Rendezvous in Averoigne

A young man who arranges a picnic finds himself, his fiancée and servants trapped in the thrall of vampires who subject them to a fearsome dinner and overnight stay at a phantom chateau.

A Night in Malneant

On a journey a man finds himself in an otherworldly village where everyone seems eternally preoccupied in the funeral arrangements for one Mariel.

The City of The Singing Flame

One of Smith’s interdimensional tales in which the narrator, happening to walk between two unusual boulders, finds himself in a fantastic and colourful world where an ancient city is the site of a flame which appears to consume all those it entices with its siren song.

The Uncharted Isle

Another interdimensional tale in which a shipwrecked sea-traveller finds himself on an island, which is not of our Earth, populated by grotesque humanoids and their gross deity.

The Second Interment

A rather clichéd tale of premature burial

The Double Shadow

Two sorcerors find an ancient tablet washed up by the sea and, deciphering its ancient text, summon one of the elder gods of a long dead race, much to their regret. Shadows begin to follow them, one by one, and they become transformed.

The Chain of Aforgomon

A writer, wishing to try the efficacy of a rare Eastern drug which purports to bring back the memories of past lives, discovers that he committed an ancient crime against the God of Time and is now suffering the final penalty for his actions.

The Dark Eidolon

A powerful wizard returns for vengeance against the gross and cruel king who ran him over with his horse when he was a child.

The Last Hieroglyph

When a none-too-successful astrologer finally finds his work beginning to pay off, his own horoscope shows a strange journey before him, and he is guided to his ultimate destiny by three cipher avatars.


A demon tells a tale to a lamia of how he visited the dying world of Sadastor and found a siren, weeping in a pool which was diminishing as the waters of the world dried up.

The Death of Ilalotha

A tale of revenge from beyond the grave when Ilalotha, lady in waiting to a jealous queen, dies. The Queen thinks that Ilalotha’s man will now be hers, but it looks like Ilalotha can pull men even when she’s dead.

The Return of the Sorcerer

A sorcerer, originally chopped into many pieces which were then separated, begins to reassemble himself to seek revenge.

The Testament of Athammaus

Athammaus, executioner of Hyperborea, tells the tale of the creature who is beheaded and continually regenerates, each time into a more warped and protean being.

The Weird of Avoosl Wuthoqquan

A morality tale is which Avoosl, a greedy merchant, is given a prophecy. He is then sold two emeralds which escape him and lead him far into the depths of a mountain where he is trapped by an eldritch creature and eaten.


A man finds an off stone in an antique shop and is transported back to the time of Ubbo-Sathla, the primordial being.

The Monster of the Prophecy

A human is transported to a far world to become the monster who was prophesied to appear and signal an end to the rule of a tyrant.

The Vaults of Yoh-Vombis

Archaeologists on Mars investigate tombs that the natives will not enter and awaken strange bat-like life-forms that kill and then reanimate their victims.

From the Crypts of Memory

A short tone poem

The Shadows

A short tone poem.


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