My life in outer space

The Ship That Sailed The Time Stream – GC Edmondson (1965)



Ensign Joe Rate, captain of the experimental Navy yawl, Alice, figured that everything that could happen to him in one day had already happened. First, after a freak electrical storm at sea the Alice had somehow been thrown a thousand years backward in time, and it looked like they were stranded in the past. They had provision for two weeks at the most. Then there was the voluptuous barbarian girl they’d saved from captivity – her presence on board a ship full of normal sailors wasn’t likely to lessen the problems of the situation.

Then he saw the four Viking raider ships bearing straight for him and in a few minutes the first spear thunked into the Alice’s foredeck.

The Ship that sailed The Time Stream is a novel of madcap adventure in a past much more lively than any historian ever dreamed.

G.C. Edmondson: Jose Mario Garry Ordofiez Edmondson y Cotton was born of Manx parentage in Stevens County, Washington, in a log cabin and weaned on maple syrup in 1922. Other sources insist on a birthdate at least fifteen years prior and a probable Scots origin from a family established some four generations in Livingstone, Guatemala. The Scots is probably a euphemism for some other Celtic breed since the one unpurchased birth certificate available hints at Belfast.
After cluttering up his mind for a year at the University of Southern California, Edmondson returned to his older and less fraudulent profession of smithing. A marginal man, he is one of the few remaining who can skin mule or missile.
He has been anthologised by Boucher and Conklin among others. Most of his stuff’s appeared in ‘Fantasy and Science Fiction’ though he’s also been in ‘Astounding’ and other s-f magazines. Non-s-f appearances range from ‘Saturday Evening Post’ through ‘Argosy’ down to ‘Popular Mechanics’ and ‘Trail-R News’.
He reads Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German and Latin. makes a stab at Greek, can ask for a drink in Yiddish and several Slavic languages. Could read Siwash and Chinook if anyone wrote them. At present learning and Chinook if anyone wrote them. At present learning Yaqui so he can converse with his more conservative in-laws.’

Blurb and bio from the 1965 M-109 Ace Doubles Edition

Captain Tate is in charge of ‘The Alice’, an experimental Navy vessel. While carrying out tests in the Pacific the ship is struck by lightning and the crew and ship find themselves 1000 years in the past and in the path of a Viking warship.
Edmondson combines a good knowledge of his subject matter with great characterisation and a rare laconic wit.
Luckily the Captain is resourceful, has a reasonable grasp of languages and an interest in history. Somehow he needs to find a way to get his ship back to the present day before his crew are slaughtered by Vikings, Romans or Arabs or seduced by the wanton young women of the past.


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