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Daylight on Iron Mountain (Chung Kuo #02) – David Wingrove (2011)

Daylight on Iron Mountain (Chung Kuo Recast, #2)

The second volume of Wingrove’s rebooted epic of Chinese world domination sees the completion of T’sao Chun’s plan. The Middle East is nuked, leaving only America to be conquered. T’sao Chun sends General Lei. the warrior-poet, along with Amos Shepherd, his strategic genius, to deal with the US as well as a vast army.
However. T’sao Chun is no longer the rational strategist he once was. Corrupted by power, he has become paranoid and vindictive, abusing and insulting the Seven Tangs who rules the world as his subordinates.
After the rather bland scene-setting of the first book, it is good to see Wingrove back on form and relishing the intrigue, the politics and the battles as the Chung Kuo knew from the original books slowly emerges.
Jake Reed, mired in a complex compensation case against a powerful Han family finds unexpected allies and friends in Amos Shepherd and Gensyn.
His son, now fully acclimatised to the Han world, finds himself working for Gensyn and the Eberts.
The Seven, finally pushed to the limit by by T’sao Chun’s madness, begin to plot to have him brought down…


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