My life in outer space

Edge of Time – Donald A Wollheim (1958) (as David Grinnell)

Edge of Time



When Warren Alton went off to a quiet rural district of Upper New York
state to investigate some strange news reports, he figured it would be
just a new the of ‘flying saucer’ scare – only this time people were
seeing dinosaurs and flying lizards.

But what that star reporter uncovered turned out to be more fantastic
than prehistoric monsters and more incredible than UFO’s. For he found
himself on a newsbeat that covered dozens of hitherto unknown planets,
millions of miles of interstellar space, and thousands of years of time
– and yet never took him outside the bounds of present-day America!

Here is the breath-taking super-science adventure along the very EDGE


Warren Alton

This featured writer would travel anywhere for a scoop – even out of
this world.

Marge McElroy

She made a world of difference to a universe.

Dr Enderby

Sometimes he felt almost like God, but not always.

Jack Quern

He was a strong-arm boy with more poise than polish.

The Oracle

Though many women, she always had the same identity.

Carter Williams

He was a scientist who travelled farthest by lying completely still.’

Blurbs from the 1958 Ace Double D-362 Edition

Reading something like a 50s B-movie with a touch of noir, we follow Ace Reporter Warren Alton, who is reluctantly saddled with a female photographer, Marge McElroy for his latest assignment; mirages of dinosaurs, volcanoes and medieval armies in Upper New York State.
What the pair stumble upon is a top-secret scientific base where Dr Enderby has created a miniature universe consisting of a single galaxy, a universe which is evolving at an amazing pace and which can be observed as life evolves and intelligence emerges. However, as the civilisations develop beyond our own scientific capabilities, their scientific secrets become something which other countries may well kill to obtain.
It is interesting in that it demonstrates some of the social and cultural norms of the late Nineteen Fifties. The idea of a female photographer is a novel one, it seems, although to give Wollheim credit, he does not patronise Marge by allowing her to be just a girl doing a man’s job.


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